In a market globalization scenario, a unique brand development is essential, capable of enhancing the primal core, represented by the institutional logo Paolo Gobbi Frattini Company, as well as by the trademark Haemopharm, always a synonym for complete solutions, innovative and safe, in the flexible bags and drug delivery systems fields.

The essence of Haemopharm is framed in its slogan Innofamily since 70's, which fully expresses the company's vocation and the foundation on which it is positioned.An entrepreneurial spirit, constantly oriented towards excellence, in which the innovation capability is the strategic asset of the company for more than 30 years of history.
Paolo Gobbi Frattini and his family, owners of 100% of the company, are present and active in the Group, guaranteeing the long term perspective which facilitates communication, accelerates the decision-making procedures and contributes to the client's satisfaction.

"The customer must be confident".

Those simple words express the company's belief, founded on respect for the individuals in commercial relations, on integrity and on ethical values of a culture deeply rooted towards client orientation, reliability and credibility.


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