Haemopharm: unique in its field.

Haemopharm is a pioneer company in the manufacturing and commercialization of flexible bags for sterile solutions and for dialysis.
Born on the foundations of the Gobbi Frattini family company, and already present in the medical devices field, Haemopharm is specialized in manufacturing of flexible bags and components for the infusion field, entirely designed by the company.

Today Haemopharm can offer a wide range of innovative PVC and PVC-free bags, components, delivery systems, and the possibility of filling the bags by Contract Manufacturing.
Haemopharm continues to invest in research and development of new technologies, and is present in the critical care, life sciences, drug administration and specialty care fields, through the development of new patented systems for drug deliveryHaemopharm is a globalized company, present in more than 27 countries including Germany, Spain, UK, France, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India and Korea, importing raw materials mainly from the USA and the Netherlands.

"From industrial research, to treatment":

Haemopharm is a unique entrepreneurial structure, due to its Clinical Division, the St.Agatha Medical Center, which faithfully represents the company's DNA and its natural tendency for a tight collaboration with the medical-scientific world.

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