The global competitive ability of Haemopharm is an aspect of crucial importance to its customers, who are increasingly sensitive regarding the launch of new partnerships with operators in the sector, who not only can offer an excellent product, but are also able to guarantee an extensive presence worldwide. Haemopharm has developed over the years many strategic commercial agreements, thanks to which it is now present and active in many countries across Europe, North and South America, Australia and the Far East. Particularly in Serbia, it operates with Quatalia Science d.o.o., a pharmaceutical company which completes the Group's offer, thanks to numerous Marketing Authorizations, especially for oncological treatment, antibiotics and medical devices. With headquarters in Belgrade, it has been established to consolidate local business and to facilitate the emerging markets penetration.

The ongoing process for acquisition of FDA Certifications, necessary for the commercialization of medical devices in the USA, represents moreover an important step in Haemopharm's development strategy. To imagine, to experiment, to innovate: these are the key words of our Research & Development department, which is continuously committed to consolidating strong international relations with prestigious opinion leaders in the medical-scientific field, for the benefit of our patients' better quality of life. Both Haemopharm and Quatalia have their own Regulatory Affairs departments, in charge of supervising the Marketing Authorization procedures, through dossiers preparation for drugs, and technical files for the CE marked medical devices.

A specialized, widely consolidated knowhow, and continuous research, enables Haemopharm to produce different types of bags with extremely high standards; from standard sized bags, made to contain infusion and dialysis solutions, to bags specially made for purposes such as nutrition, washing, blood and tissue preservation, pharmaceutical gels and powders, antibiotics, as well as bags suitable for cryopreservation and inert to gas for ozonetherapy. Haemophram uses materials which are exclusively certified by the biggest international pharmacopoeias: USP, BP, EP, JP, and produced by the leading companies in the industry. The materials used for the bags' production are: PVC, PP (multilayer), EVA, POLYURETHANE.


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