Haemopharm dedicates a significant amount of resources to the financing of research. The study and design of its own products are a key factor that enables the Company to use innovative materials and produce flexible bags suitable for the various pharmaceutical and medical applications, guaranteeing extremely high-quality products and innovative technical solutions.
Research, development and continuous collaboration with the Medical Science field: opinion leaders in the Medical Science field are a point of reference for Haemopharm in its research.
Thanks to their contribution, Haemopharm has patents such as the CAPD FKG system for CAPD, the FILLCHOICE® system for the reconstitution of drugs, the WASHOUT hydrotherapy system for washing critical injuries, the SanO3 ozone therapy kit, Needlefree connection systems NIP® and NIV®, and SAFE2, a system for collection and storing stem cells, among other systems for the cell therapy field.

From the study of products to the design and realization of the Machines to produce them - research is not limited to our products. Haemopharm designs and builds the equipment for manufacturing PVC and PVC-free bags, including the relevant tooling - combining highly technical skills in order to produce the best solutions for every application. A large and well-equipped in-house workshop operates together with every project and supports the management of the entire cycle, from concept to finished product.

Propension to innovation leads Haemopharm into novel applications, with a strong emphasis on the development of complex devices, suited for the preservation and manipulation of sensitive biologics, such as cells, tissues and organs.


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