Double bag for priming Bag for extracorporeal circuit rinsing in Haemodialysis.

FKG System

Double bag for CAPD Double bag system for Peritoneal Dialysis.


Haemofiltration double bag Available with different hemofiltration formulation. “CRRT Treatments with citrate” – Download the brochure.


Citrate bag for CRRT treatment CitraChoice is a bag for regional citrate anticoagulation (RCA) for CRRT treatment. Anticoagulation with citrate, which seems to be clinically more interesting in the CRRT techniques with hematic dilution, does not reach the patient’s blood circulation, preventing from clotting, and lowering the amount of ionized calcium, brought to balance in … Read more

Alimenta Parenteral

Sterile bag for parenteral nutrition manufactured with innovative material Alimenta is the brand line of parenteral nutrition bags manufactured with an innovative material that extremely improves the TPN bag features. Features Transparency: Alimenta transparent film allows an easy inspection of the solution contained in the bag PH stability: contrary to EVA which could release acetate … Read more

iRestore (CE marked)

Corneal graft containment solutions iRestore solutions are synthetic media for corneal storage. The special formulations consist of a mixture of salts, aminoacids, vitamins, nutrients and preservative agents which are suitable for the physiological preservation of corneal tissues. It is well known that highly viable corneal endothelium is fundamental for a successful transplantation. iRestore solutions are … Read more


Poly-saline solution dispenser iWash is designed for ocular irrigation during surgical procedures involving the perfusion of the eye. The physiological pH and the osmotic pressure minimize the trauma of the surgery and protect the corneal tissue, preventing the dehydration, while the transparency and the refraction index of the solution allow a clear view of the … Read more


5% Povidone-Iodine solution dispenser Iodiopharm is designed for the disinfection of the ophthalmic operating field. Thanks to its special configuration, it allows the direct and uniform distribution of the product, with no need of pledget or gauzes.


Infusion set for oncology InfusiONcology is a line of infusion sets designed specifically for oncology, due to the choice of materials and components. The line can be realized in PVC DEHP-free material or in completely PVC FREE material, both characterized by a certified degree of photosensitivity and therefore light protection. The components have been selected … Read more

Infusion set bag

Bag assembled with infusion set, totally made in PVC-FREE material The closed circuit ensures the maximum safety for both patients and operators in the handling of dangerous drugs such as antitumorals.