IV Bags

Standard or custom medical bags, for different therapeutic uses: infusion therapy, dialysis, clinical nutrition, blood and tissue preservation, gels, antibiotics, powders, cryopreservation and ozone therapy.

Dalivery Sistems
Delivery Systems

Drug delivery and drug reconstitution systems designed according to the most advanced standards of the infusion sector: closed circuit, needlefree policy and hermetic closure.


Bags for medication compounding, sterile and ready for use. Available in different sizes and configurations, empty or filled, can be custom made according to specific customer requests.

Connettori Needlefree
Needlefree connectors

Compliant with FDA regulations and in line with the most advanced policies in the sector, they avoid needle punctures, improving safety for caregivers and patients.

Customization Service
Customization Service

Haemopharm supports customers from the feasibility analysis, according to the therapeutic needs, to the research and design of special solutions, up to the production.

Aseptic Filling
Aseptic Filling

A dedicated internal department is equipped with an isolator to maintain a sterile environment during the formulation, compounding and material transfer phases.


The achievement of the certifications necessary to market medical devices in the USA is a fundamental part of Haemopharm’s global strategy.

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Since 1979 we have been on the market as specialists in the infusion sector, with an offer that includes medical IV bags for sterile solutions (single chamber, double chamber, multi-chamber, standard or customizable), a wide range of components, including last generation needlefree connectors, and delivery systems (finished products). Our solutions are widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, in hospitals, pharmacies and in home assistance, for various therapeutic applications.



In over 40 years of activity, we have achieved a leadership position in the global market by focusing on three main principles, which are the Pillas of our Vision:

Of processes, products and competence


Of products, services and solutions


Of partners and synergies along the supply chain

Therapeutic areas
















blood & cell therapy



clinical nutrition






ozone therapy




Improved drug management

Our drug delivery systems are designed according to the most advanced industry standards, to offer an added value to drug management…


Closed circuit – Hermetic closure – Drug evidence

Minimum drug waste – Ease of use

Time savings – Reduced materials – Cost control

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Best pharmaceutical materials

We support customers in choosing the most suitable material to ensure the best stability of any pharmacological formulation: container-content interaction, barrier properties, etc …


We produce bags in PVC, PP (multilayer), EVA, POLYURETHANE, using raw materials compliant with the major international pharmacopoeias (USP, BP, EP, JP).
We work in collaboration with partners and suppliers of excellence to offer the best solutions on the market…

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“Tailor-made” development

We create customized solutions starting from the study of the client’s therapeutic needs, managing all phases of the project: from feasibility analysis to production …


The internal management of all processes (design, mold construction, prototyping, production, testing, validation and sterilization) allows us to shorten working times, and to create “tailor-made” productions with extreme flexibility and efficiency…

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Total Quality Approach

We work daily to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of production processes, and the total quality of our products, using state-of-art control systems…


A vision system verifies the integrity of each piece, with particular attention to the tightness of the seams.
The parameters of each plant are constantly monitored thanks to proprietary software integrated with the machines on line.

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