IV Bags

A wide and diversified production with very high specialization

A widely consolidated know-how and continuous research and innovation allow Haemopharm to produce different types of bags with a high quality standard.

  • PVC / PVC free
    Single / multi chamber
    Empty / Filled
    Customized volume available
    sterilized / non sterilized
    Provided with last generation proprietary needlefree connectors

Customization service
In order to meet the specific needs of our customers, our bags can be customized in terms of materials, volume, single or multi-compartment, and configuration.

Innovative and high performance materials
The company can offer cutting-edge materials of the highest quality (in terms of container-content interaction, barrier properties, etc …) suitable for the production of bags and components for the pharmaceutical and medical sector, studying the most suitable solution for each project, to ensure the best preservation and stability of the drug.

Proprietary Machines and molds for PVC and PVC-free bags
Thanks to a high-profile engineering know-how and a large and well-equipped internal workshop, Haemopharm is able to manage the entire production cycle, from the construction of customized machines and molds, to the creation of prototypes up to the production of finished products.

Compliance with medical and pharmaceutical industry standards
All production activities and related procedures are verified and certified by accredited bodies and client companies through periodic audits. The manufacturing processes are carried out under Clean Room conditions, in compliance with international standards UNI EN ISO 14644, UNI EN ISO 14698.
The quality system is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

Total quality: advanced online monitoring systems
Haemopharm implemented a pioneering online parametric and inline camera control driven by Artificial Intelligence that allows the 100% inspection of the products. The proprietary software, dedicated to the monitoring of the process and all the production steps, guarantees top-level product quality.

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Alimenta Parental

Clinical Nutrition

Sterile bag for parenteral nutrition manufactured with innovative material

Alimenta is the brand line of parenteral nutrition bags manufactured with an innovative material that extremely improves the TPN bag features.


  • Transparency: Alimenta transparent film allows an easy inspection of the solution contained in the bag
  • PH stability: contrary to EVA which could release acetate and lower the pH, any PH variation occurs using Alimenta film
  • O2 permeability: Alimenta film provides a high Oxygen barrier, therefore prevents any oxidation of the solution
  • Sealing technology: bags available in multi-chamber configuration (two, three, four, …) with peel-seal technology
  • Volumes: from 150 to 3500 mL, other volumes on request
  • Design: standard or custom made

 “Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition” – Download the brochure.