COMPONENTS ZERO (Patent Pending)

Spike port with interlocking fastening to the bag tube

The semi-rigid components inserted to close the tubes of bags containing sterile solutions, called Twist-offs, must satisfy the hermetic sealing requirements of a primary pharmaceutical packaging. For this reason, these components must be welded, glued or blocked on the tube through steam sterilization process.
Twist-off ZERO, thanks to its patented geometry, guarantees a validated hermetic closure after its insertion into the bag tube, without the need for further gluing, welding, or thermal sterilization process.
Twist-off ZERO is compliant to the ISO 3826-1 regarding the appropriate distance of the internal membrane for the spike to assure ad adequate hermetic insulation when inserted.
Twist-off ZERO is a patented product available in different PVC FREE materials, suitable for PVC and PVC FREE tubes.


  • ZERO need for additional operations
  • ZERO risk of fluid leakage (especially during and after aseptic production processes).
  • ZERO need for thermal sterilization process.
  • ZEROrisk of fluid leakage (especially during and after aseptic production processes).
    ISO 3826-1 compliant.
  • Available in different PVC FREE materials.
  • Suitable for PVC and PVC FREE tubes.

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NIP® – “Needleless Injection Point” (patented) Needlefree connectors

Hermetic closure needlefree injection point

Every day, healthcare workers are exposed to dangerous pathogens through contaminated needles. In response to these critical issues, Haemopharm has developed NIP® a needlefree connector, in accordance with FDA regulations and market tendencies, that are moving towards this kind of systems which are more secure to caregivers and to patients.


  • NIP® revolutionizes the needlefree connections providing a hermetic closure for powders and liquids in sterile containers, with no risk of contamination.
  • It can be used to access the bag with a luer connector, without the needle, avoiding accidental needle sticks, improving safety for patients and caregivers
  • As soon as the luer is removed, NIP® hermetically closes again preventing the back flow effect.
  • Thanks to the hermetic closure, NIP® can substitute injection ports and breakable cones and can be used for I.V. set connection, without spike.

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NIV® – “Needleless Injection Vial” (patented) Needlefree connectors

Hermetic closure needlefree vial stopper

Many medications are stored in vials and extracted with a syringe, including antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs.
The rubber stopper on medication vials protects the contents from outside contamination, and must be penetrated to allow access to the medication.
When drawing medication from a rubber-topped vial, it is essential that the proper procedures are followed, to prevent contamination and ensure the correct dosage.


  • Needlefree device, in compliance with the most advanced policies
  • Possibility to be custom designed
    Minimizes foam formation during drug reconstitution, assuring the correct drug dose to the patient, avoiding medication waste and overfilling
  • Mechanically and microbiologically closed system during and after multi-use, and therefore hermetically closed, avoiding contamination of the vial’s contents
  • Reduces aerosol and leaks caused by pressurization when accessing the vial
  • Innovative material

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Bag access

Punti iniezione

Injection sites

Tappo cieco

Port plug

Porta d'accesso twist-off, in PP TPE

Twist-Off bag port, PP TPE

Porta d'accesso twist-off, in PVC

Twist-Off bag port, PVC

Vial stopper, in PC-PP

Vial stopper, in PC-PP

Punto iniezione a T, in PC

Injection T-port, PC

Twist off port, in E.V.A.

Twist off port, in E.V.A.

Cono a frattura, femmina, con tappo

Female breakable cone

Male breakable cone

Drug Reconstitution

Adattatore per vial con cono a frattura

Breakable vial adapter

Adattatore per vial con cono a frattura

Breakable vial adapter

Adattatore per vial con cono a frattura

Breakable vial adapter

Cono a frattura per tubo 6x8 mm

Breakable cone for 6×8 tube

Components for urology

Riduttore per tubi con tappo e cono a frattura

Breakable urologic connector

Cono a frattura, maschio, con sito iniezione

Female breakable cone

Components for dialysis

Connessione per Capd - Periglass®

Capd connection – Periglass®

Connessione per capd - Periglass Plus®

Capd connection – Periglass Plus®

Capd bag connector

Capd bag connector

Capd set connector

Capd set connector

Connettore capd titanium

Capd titanium joint connector

Joint connector

Joint connector

Connettore a Y per tubi

Y tubing connector

Connettore per tubi

Tubing connector



Chiusura per set paziente

Patients set connector

Components for clinical nutrition

Manico per sacche

Bag handle

Indicatore di flusso in linea

In-line flow indicator

Connettore luer lock, femmina, con tappo

Female luer lock connector with cap

Luer lock connector, femmina, con tappo. misura non-standard

Male luer lock connector with cap

General components

Riduttore tubi

Tube reducer


Pinch clamps

Washing components

Erogatore per liquidi con tappo

Smart fluid dispenser with cap