Corneal graft containment solutions

iRestore solutions are synthetic media for corneal storage. The special formulations consist of a mixture of salts, aminoacids, vitamins, nutrients and preservative agents which are suitable for the physiological preservation of corneal tissues. It is well known that highly viable corneal endothelium is fundamental for a successful transplantation. iRestore solutions are enriched with an osmotic agent identified by PAOLO GOBBI FRATTINI R&D department, which avoids tissue edema formation and provide more stable formulations. All the solutions also contain phenol red indicator which allows a rapid visualization of pH variations.

PAOLO GOBBI FRATTINI production process takes advantage of a cutting-edge technique which ensures high qualitative standards.
All solutions are terminally sterilized by filtration (0.22 μm) into a positive pressure isolator. This real closed system guarantees an aseptic environment which few companies in the ophthalmic industry are able to provide.
Corneal explants can be preserved in appropriate media both at physiological temperature (organ culture method) and at 4°C (storage in hypothermic condition).

The iRestore solutions are divided into three categories according to their purpose:

  • CULTURE: Sterile liquid for the preservation of corneal tissues up to 30 days.
  • CONSERVATION: Sterile liquid for the preservation of the corneal tissues in hypothermia up to 14 days.
  • TRANSPORT: Sterile liquid for deturgescence and transport at room temperature of the corneal tissue, up to 5 days.

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