Infusion set for oncology

InfusiONcology is a line of infusion sets designed specifically for oncology, due to the choice of materials and components. The line can be realized in PVC DEHP-free material or in completely PVC FREE material, both characterized by a certified degree of photosensitivity and therefore light protection.
The components have been selected thanks to a close collaboration with Specialized Italian oncology centers, in order to meet the specific requirements of those who handle anticancer drugs daily.


  • PVC DEHP FREE/ PVC FREE amber photosensitive material: allows a safer use with the most light-sensitive drugs. InfusiONcology is the first line of infusion sets with a certified degree of photosensitivity.
  • Needlefree Connectors: increase operator safety when handling dangerous drugs. The luer access allows the user to connect a luer lock syringe and begin therapy only after locking the syringe on the connector, without any risk of medication leakage.
  • Check valves: allow to infuse the anticancer drug with no error or re-inhalation possibility once the drug was injected
  • ensures no air bubbles or accidental release of the drug
  • Perforator: ergonomic design for easy grip, small size to allow the simultaneous use of two drifters on bag or bottle
  • Inviolable Closing: maximum protection and inability to disconnect

Technical Specifications

  • Certified degree of amber photosensitive tubes and drip chambers, made in PVC DEHP FREE / PVC FREE
  • All the materials are USP class VI
  • Various possible configurations and custom service available in order to meet the needs of the customer