Stem cells collection bags STEMCHOICE® is a double safety bag for cryopreservation of stem cells , made in speciale material for a better resistance in long term conservation in liquid nitrogen. All cryobags go through different testing methods, one by one, both in pre and post production phase. A quality label is applied on the … Read more


Bags for cryopreservation of tissues TISSUECHOICE® is a cryobag dedicated to the cryopreservation of different tissues. It has been developed through an accurate research of materials and components: the material is the most innovative formulation of EVA, the weldings are performed with the most advanced technologies and the connectors have been chosen in order to … Read more


Bags for cryopreservation of adipose tissue ADIPOCHOICE® is the line of bags born from a new project dedicated to the preservation of autologous adipose tissue which, after being extracted and cleaned up, is stored in liquid nitrogen, to then be thawed and reused in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The bag is equipped with special patented … Read more