CSTD Refill® KIT

Ready-to-use system for reconstitution and administration to the patient of one or more drug vials.

CSTD CSTD Refill® KIT, is the latest generation of systems for the reconstitution and administration of drugs, which consists of the combination of a dedicated bag and one or more Refill connectors for each vial to be reconstituted.

In the common clinical practice of drug reconstitution, healthcare professionals perform a multi-step procedure that exposes them to serious risks resulting from the use of syringes with needles and the potential release of cytotoxic drugs in the form of drops, vapor or aerosols.

In accordance with the safety guidelines for healthcare personnel, CSTD Refill® KIT introduces an innovative solution on the market: a single product for the reconstitution of multiple drug vials and for the administration to the patient which ensures the closed system and guarantees the safety of operators and patients.

CSTD Refill® KIT, is composed of one or more Refill connectors (one for each vial to be reconstituted) and a dedicated sterile bag (for I.V administration / Instillation) , empty (to be filled at the hospital pharmacy) or pre-filled with solvent. This combination creates a ready-to-use, safe and convenient system.

SAFE RECONSTITUTION WITHOUT NEEDLES. CSTD REFill® KIT is designed in accordance with international needle-free policies: this eliminates the risk of accidental needle sticks, which could cause serious damage to the operators’ health, especially in the presence of cytotoxic and dangerous drugs.

SAFETY OF THE CLOSED CIRCUIT. During the reconstitution operations there is an important risk of leakage of dangerous drugs in the form of drops, particles or aerosol into the surrounding environment. This involves a serious danger to the health of healthcare professionals who perform the drug reconstitution. The closed system of CSTD CSTD REFill® KIT prevents the risk of drug leakage avoiding internal and external contamination.

ALL IN ONE & READY TO USE. The combination of the dedicated bag and the REFill connector allows the operator to prepare, reconstitute and administer the drug to the patient, with a ready for use device, that does not require additional materials: everything needed for the reconstitution and administration of the drug is contained within the same device.

MULTIVIAL RECONSTITUTION. CSTD REFill® KIT is a device designed for the reconstitution of multiple vials within the same bag, ready for administration, using a dedicated REFill for each vial to be reconstituted.

HOME THERAPY. The safety and ease of use features of CSTD REFill® KIT make it perfectly suitable for the preparation and admi­nistration of drugs at home.

CONVENIENCE AND SUSTAINABILITY. The CSTD REFill® KIT system eliminates the need for additional materials and accessories (e.g. needle syringes typically used for drug reconstitution): in this way, consumables and waste are reduced – and therefore also the environmental impact, health procedures are facilitated and speeded up, and logistics and warehouse management are optimized, allowing for better cost control.