FillChoice® Lung

Ready-to-Transfer CSTD with Smart Pressure Equalisation system for hazardous drug reconstitution and safe handling.

The toxic effects of antineoplastic drugs used for cancer treatment, beyond the patient safety concerns, bring the occupational risks to health care workers handling hazardous drugs in the course of their duties. Multiple international studies(1) have documented, that healthcare workers who handle cytotoxic drugs have an increased risk of developing health-related problems on the reproductive system, such as infertility, abortions, premature births, as well as other medical symptoms on the renal, pulmonary, and cardiovascular systems.

Haempharm Healthcare is proud to present a new innovative product FillChoice® Lung, designed with the mission to prevent the exposure of healthcare professionals to harmful effects of cytotoxic drugs during reconstitution and delivery to the patients in need.

FillChoice® Lung is a pioneer closed system transfer device (CSTD), compliant with the NIOSH protocols and definitions for CSTDs. FillChoice® Lung is a patented needle-free and filter-free CSTD, filled with a sterile air for pressure equalisation, designed to be suitable for different vial sizes and a standard luer-lock syringe.

CLOSED CIRCUIT. FillChoice® Lung is a completely closed-system circuit with safe-sealed connections that ensures the preparation of medicine according to the medical prescription in conditions of maximum safety for healthcare professionals.

NEEDLE-FREE. Thanks to the proprietary Needle-free Injection Port – NIP®, FillChoice® LUNG provides a completely hermetic and totally safe needle-free connections to the components of the system, that prevent accidental drug release.

FILTER-FREE. FillChoice® LUNG is based on the pressure equalisation within the system itself, that guarantees safe, easy and efficient handling of the device, excluding the risk of wet filters and accidental drug vapor release.

EASY-TO-USE. The linear pre-assembled closed-circuit system significantly reduces the time for reconstitution and administration, while the proprietary know-how and hermetic connections save medical workers from extra steps and device manipulations.

(1) Fransman, W., Roeleveld, N., Peelen, S., de Kort, W., Kromhout, H., & Heederik, D. (2007). Nurses with dermal exposure to antineoplastic drugs: reproductive outcomes. Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.), 18(1), 112–119.

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