FillChoice® room

System for drug reconstitution and pharmacy compounding

Fillchoice® Room is an innovative system for drug reconstitution and pharmacy compounding that provides both the vial and the solvent in one single closed package and maintains sterile conditions when connecting the vial and the solvent.
Fillchoice® Room allows to replace the multistep procedure of standard practice and to make the drug reconstitution and compounding pharmacy directly in the bag.

Main advantages

  • TOTAL SAFETY. Fillchoice® Room is not only a closed system but it guarantees 100% isolation: isolation of the drug from external environment and contamination, and isolation of the pharmacist and nurses from the dangerous drug, with no harms in case of leakages, aerosol or accidental break of the vial as everything remains inside the bag with no possibility to exit. Safety is increased by the direct sterile connection vial-bag: Fillchoice® room is the first system that connects the vial and the bag in sterile conditions.

  • EVIDENCE OF THE DRUG IN SITU. As the packaging is completely transparent, the operators perfectly know what’s inside the bag as they can see the vial, the label on the vial (wich contains important data, such as the name of the drug, the quantity, the concentration, the expiry date, etc.). This way there are no problems of unreadable datas and this minimizes medical errors and favours the correct match therapy-patient. Furthermore, Fillchoice® room system contains the precise amount of diluent and drug and guarantees the complete emptying of the vial content, improving dosing accuracy, so that the patient receives the correct dose of the drug.

  • READY TO USE. Using Fillchoice® room there is no need of the hospital pharmacy and the multi-step procedure to make the reconstitution because the vial and the drug are already in the same package and the reconstitution can be easily performed directly in the ward, next to patients bed. Fillchoice® room is also ready to hang for making the infusion to the patient from the same bag where the drug has been reconstituted, saving time and work for the pharmacist and the nurses. It is also important to underline an added value of the Fillchoice® room system as this is perfectly in compliance with the home-care therapies: in most instances, reconstituted drugs are administered in non-clinical settings (typically at home) by patients or caregivers who are not trained health care Professionals. Fillchoice® room is totally safe, very easy to use, with no harms for the user and then suitable also for the non-professionals.

  • NO NEED TO MODIFY THE STANDARDS. The main players are the same used in standard practice: the vial and the bag.
    There is no need for special regulatory and the system can be easily adjusted for several drugs.

  • CUSTOMIZATION. Fillchoice® Room is available for every kind of drug and solvent, any vial size and any solvent volume. There is also the possibility to customize the bag with multiple connectors for multiple vials if a particular compounding is needed (this could be very useful for some antibiotics) and the system remains completely the same: sterile connection vial-bag, one single package, 100% isolation, ready to use. Fillchoice® room can also be provided with different bag material, for special requests of compatibility with drugs or solvent.

  • SUSTAINABILITY. Thanks to its configuration and method of use, Fillchoice® room allows the complete emptying of the vial, even if the drug forms a layer of foam. This means that the patient receives the correct amount of drug and that there is less waste of the active principle: no drug stays unused and thrown away in the vial as it is totally returned to the bag and infused to the patient. For the same reason Fillchoice® room also helps in limiting the overfill of the vial performed by many Pharmaceutical manufacturers (up to 35 percent). Furthermore, there a lot of saved costs for the solvent that is already inside the bag, for the Consumables and disposables that are not needed any more, for the Pharmacist work and time, for the Hospital Pharmacy equipment management and for the logistics: it’s easier to manage one single product instead of multiple products for a multi-step procedure.