NIP® – “Needleless Injection Point”

Hermetic closure needlefree injection point

Every day, healthcare workers are exposed to dangerous pathogens through contaminated needles. In response to these critical issues, Haemopharm has developed NIP® a needlefree connector, in accordance with FDA regulations and market tendencies, that are moving towards this kind of systems which are more secure to caregivers and to patients.


  • NIP® revolutionizes the needlefree connections providing a hermetic closure for powders and liquids in sterile containers, with no risk of contamination.
  • It can be used to access the bag with a luer connector, without the needle, avoiding accidental needle sticks, improving safety for patients and caregivers
  • As soon as the luer is removed, NIP® hermetically closes again preventing the back flow effect.
  • Thanks to the hermetic closure, NIP® can substitute injection ports and breakable cones and can be used for I.V. set connection, without spike.