NIV® – “Needleless Injection Vial” (Patented)

Hermetic closure needlefree vial stopper

Many medications are stored in vials and extracted with a syringe, including antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs.
The rubber stopper on medication vials protects the contents from outside contamination, and must be penetrated to allow access to the medication.
When drawing medication from a rubber-topped vial, it is essential that the proper procedures are followed, to prevent contamination and ensure the correct dosage.


  • Needlefree device, in compliance with the most advanced policies
  • Possibility to be custom designed
  • Minimizes foam formation during drug reconstitution, assuring the correct drug dose to the patient, avoiding medication waste and overfilling
  • Mechanically and microbiologically closed system during and after multi-use, and therefore hermetically closed, avoiding contamination of the vial’s contents
  • Reduces aerosol and leaks caused by pressurization when accessing the vial
  • Innovative material