NIP® – “Needleless Injection Point”

Hermetic closure needlefree injection point Every day, healthcare workers are exposed to dangerous pathogens through contaminated needles. In response to these critical issues, Haemopharm has developed NIP® a needlefree connector, in accordance with FDA regulations and market tendencies, that are moving towards this kind of systems which are more secure to caregivers and to patients. … Read more

NIV® – “Needleless Injection Vial” (Patented)

Hermetic closure needlefree vial stopper Many medications are stored in vials and extracted with a syringe, including antibiotics and chemotherapy drugs. The rubber stopper on medication vials protects the contents from outside contamination, and must be penetrated to allow access to the medication. When drawing medication from a rubber-topped vial, it is essential that the … Read more