FillChoice® Lung

Ready-to-Transfer CSTD with Smart Pressure Equalisation system for hazardous drug reconstitution and safe handling. The toxic effects of antineoplastic drugs used for cancer treatment, beyond the patient safety concerns, bring the occupational risks to health care workers handling hazardous drugs in the course of their duties. Multiple international studies(1) have documented, that healthcare workers who … Read more

CSTD Refill® KIT

Ready-to-use system for reconstitution and administration to the patient of one or more drug vials. CSTD CSTD Refill® KIT, is the latest generation of systems for the reconstitution and administration of drugs, which consists of the combination of a dedicated bag and one or more Refill connectors for each vial to be reconstituted. In the … Read more


“Sterile Injection Vial”. Closed-system transfer device for sterile connection between the bag and the vial. The preparation of cytotoxic drugs requires a delicate and complex multi-step procedure, to be performed with extreme care. Ina typical reconstitution process, the drug contained in the vial is solubilized and transferred into the bag for administration to the patient, … Read more